A seamless blend of

luxury and leisure

Take in fresh air
amidst greenery that stretches
as far as the eye can see.

Every inch planned TO

let you live better

A 300-acre vast estate, Le Parque is a self-contained haven located just 30 minutes from central Ahmedabad. Le Parque embraces the concept of exclusivity, offering a carefully curated collection of resort-style villas with a sprawling landscape that redefines opulence. Each villa is meticulously designed to embody elegance, combining contemporary architecture with timeless charm. 

Embrace the exclusivity of your own private haven, where you can retreat from the world and revel in the tranquillity of your surroundings.


About team Bensley

In the realm of artful curation, the distinguished design studio BENSLEY is widely acknowledged for its exceptional work. Renowned for its design excellence and armed with an illustrious portfolio of over 200 exceptional hospitality projects, they stand tall as an unwavering advocate for the celebration of nature and sustainability in their work. Based out of the vibrant cities of Bangkok and Bali, this innovative design studio effortlessly intertwines the beauty of the natural world into their creations, yielding distinctive and eco-conscious hospitality experiences that gracefully honour local cultures and ecosystems.



Harvard graduate Bill Bensley is a versatile individual, effortlessly transitioning between the roles of a gardener, fisherman, architect, interior designer, and an impassioned explorer. He embarked on an Asian adventure immediately after graduation, honing his skills in Hong Kong and Singapore. In 1989, he established BENSLEY in Bangkok, later expanding to Bali in 1990 with a team of 150 professionals, including his partner, Jirachai. Bill Bensley’s artistic expertise has breathed life into over 200 resorts, hotels, and palaces in 30+ countries. Known for his sustainable design approach, he aims to share this knowledge with the hospitality industry to address climate change.


Brian Kent Sherman

Graduating in Landscape Architecture in 1981, Brian spent 11 years in Southern California before joining BENSLEY as a director in 1992. He is committed to grasping the cultural heritage of project locations, collaborating with local artisans, and using native materials. Inspired by Bill Bensley’s open-minded approach, he aims to rejuvenate Asia’s garden traditions. As the principal architects, Bill and Brian have masterminded the planning of the entire 300-acre estate that is Le Parque, from the immaculate landscapes and unparalleled amenities right down to the bespoke villas themselves. Furthermore, their team has meticulously tended to the interiors of our sample villas, ensuring an exceptional experience for all those who visit.


villa developments

Le Parque’s 300 acres are divided into several villa

developments, each with its own distinct identity.

Where every day feels like a paradisiacal escape

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